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With no transportation, cardamom sale stalls in Kerala

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Kerala cardamom sector finds it difficult to transport the produces to desired locations. Even though the prices and demand are skyrocketing there is no way for the sellers to find a market. The north Indian buyers are also in the same dilemma and the same is the case in with buyers in Tamilnadu.

Earlier from the month of April after the lock-down period, many merchants had stepped into the online form of sales by setting up e-commerce websites. The main reason for such a change was due to the stoppage on auctions in auction centers.

Even though the auction has started again in May-June months now in July again the pandemic is keeping the sales down. There may be more websites emerging for cardamom sales than ever before but still, transportation means are the biggest hurdle to face.

It is unpredictable to say that when will be the sales come into normal as the pandemic is spreading at a faster pace all over the country. Moreover, a complete lock-down is likely to be there in Kerala later this month. This may lead to great loss in revenue from the spices especially cardamom and it was a good time to reap maximum from the crop.